Artificial Black Christmas Tree with Lights US Based, Green

artificial black tree

MaterialPine Wood, Polyvinyl Chloride
Product Dimensions30.71″D x 30.71″W x 54″H
Item Package Quantity1
Assembly RequiredYes
Tree TypeSpruce
Built-in LightYes
Light ColorWhite

Regarding this item

  • REALISTIC TIPS: TURE NEEDLES FOR REALISTIC, NOT THE SAME AS OTHER CHEAP, LIFELIKE COLOR AND TEXTURE OF REAL EVERGREEN LEAVES 511 High-Quality Realistic PVC Tips This Tree’s Designed Branches Create a Full Shape That Represents a Real Tree! LED LIGHTS & FULL APPEARANCE: Every year, 200 pre-lit LED lights based on the UL standard are fastened to the branches for lovely, uniform lighting.
  • This magnificent 4.5-foot artificial black Christmas tree with lights is the ideal height and has a bottom diameter of 32 inches.
  • SIMPLE SETUP AND STORAGE: Take Your Time (15–30 minutes) to Fan Out Each Branch for the Best and Fullest Shape. Pre-strung lights and convenient hinged branches make setup and disassembly simple. If you have any questions, contact our customer service team in the US.
  • Enjoy your holiday: With the help of this ideal black Christmas tree from Aster Outdoor, your family will enjoy some delightful moments, proving that festival memories don’t have to be few and far between. Have a blessed holiday.

How to Specification

We’ve put up enough artificial black Christmas trees to know that many of them can look lovely with proper care, embellishment, and attention to detail. The 7.5-foot Feel Real Downs wept Douglas fir from National Tree Company stands out as a practical, reasonably priced, adaptable, and attractive option that we recommend first. But with time, we’ve also learned that there isn’t one “best” artificial Christmas tree available. Our selections are among the best representations of the trustworthy manufacturers we hope to introduce to you.


These holiday decorating suggestions are appropriate whether you’re adorning a real black Christmas tree (we adore the scent of fresh pine) or one of the best artificial trees. You can opt for a faux tree, a classy black or white Christmas tree, or something even more out of the ordinary like a homemade Christmas tree made out of yarn, chalk, or disco balls.

A number of straightforward tree ideas that rely on kid-friendly Christmas crafts have also been found if you’re looking for fun ways to involve the kids. adorning a compact space We’ve included some lovely space-saving suggestions, too, like tabletop Christmas trees that tuck neatly into corners and miniature Christmas trees made from stacked mason jars. There are a tone of choices!

Detail review

Why this tree is best

  • I really missed the grandeur of a large tree after spending a lot of money on a “table top” tree and using it for a while. Due to a lack of available space, we gambled on this “slim” pencil-shaped tree. We also purchased one without lights so we could choose the type and number of lights we wanted each year. It costs less than half of what we paid for our 4-foot tree, which is a very fair price!

why this we do note like

I like this cute little tree! But it’s not a great choice if you have cats. My kitten loves to climb the tree, and the branches bend so easily that he messes it up like crazy.

Gold Metallic String Star Artificial Black Christmas Tree Topper

ColorMulti Colored

Regarding this item

  • It enhances the brilliance and warmth of your tree.
  • 15 functioning clear wire LEDs for indoor use


This is very amazing LED Color Changing Gold Metallic String Star Tree Enjoy using this LED metallic gold color-changing sting star to decorate your home. Use this string of lights and this lovely star tree topper to decorate your tree. You can rely on this brand to be durable and safe for your family over many years.


This led star design is made of 11.5, multicolored iron, and it is for Christmas. The gold metallic string star with clear wire details provides radiance and warmth to your tree. This star has 15 functional LEDs; as a result, US homes predominately employ it.

Different Modes

  • The lights have three settings:
  • white on white on constant color changing to white.
  • On the electrical cord, there is a box with a push button to switch between modes.

Detail review of

Enjoy decorating your home with this Light-Up star topper. Use this beautiful star tree topper with this string lights to decorate your tree. this is a brand that you can trust will be safe for your family and last for years.

Purification test

Your home will feel cozy and welcoming thanks to lights of numerous sizes and kinds. You can use this LED star illumination to assist create the right atmosphere for the approaching Christmas and New Year’s festivities. All of the parts of the LED color-changing gold metallic string star tree can be found here in a variety of sizes and shapes. They are simple to combine with store-bought decorations to add cosines to every nook and crevice of your house.

Why this item is the best

  • The color-changing feature was fantastic. And in person, this celebrity is very attractive. It fit right into the existing light strand on my tree.
  • Light is beautiful.
  • Try it and see if you like it.

We don’t like this at all.

  • When dried, the glue is almost undetectable, but the strands are now resistant to unraveling.

 Artificial Christmas Tree | Includes Pre-strung Multi-Color Lights 

BrandNational Tree Company
MaterialPolyvinyl Chloride
Item Weight58.25 Pounds
Product Dimensions58″D x 58″W x 90″H
Item Package Quantity1
Special FeatureLit
Assembly RequiredYes
Tree TypeFir
Built-in LightYes

Regarding this item

This 7.5-foot-tall, 58-inch-diameter medium pre-lit fake Fraser fir Christmas tree is green and has a natural appearance. This tree is made to look and feel realistic, with hundreds of “Feel Real” individually created branch tips to provide full-bodied branches.
It has 1000 multicolored lights that stay on even if a light bulb burns out. Before shipping, the lights are hung on the tree, making setup simpler and more convenient.
This tree has pre-attached, hinged limbs that fold back in for quick and easy storage and drop down for a straightforward setup. Peeling back the branches and tugging the tips apart will require 45 to 60 minutes to shape the tree properly.

Specifications of this

This is the first artificial Christmas tree I’ve ever had. Although I was afraid to get one, this one did not let me down. Despite the fact that the pieces were heavier than I anticipated, assembly was simple. I’m eager to enjoy myself without having to cope with the holiday leftovers.


This magnificent artificial Christmas tree has a wide profile and is 7.5 feet tall, with a base diameter of 65 inches. Both friends and relatives will be astounded by how well the tree resembles those outdoors. This tree has our patented “Feel Genuine” technology and is made from real tree branches to look like a living tree. A tree with astonishing realism is produced by hundreds of crush-resistant polyethylene tips that create full-bodied branches.

The tree’s branches are constructed with hinges so they can swing down for quick and easy setup and fold back in for simple storage. After assembling the tree, set aside 45 to 60 minutes to give the branches an appropriate form by pulling apart the tips and pealing back the branches.

What shade of lighting does this tree have? Red, green, yellow, blue, and fuchsia are a few examples.

The colors are accurate with the exception of fuchsia. I like the more conventional colors and did not love fuchsia. I made the decision to maintain the artificial Christmas tree and erect it nonetheless. Although it takes some time to fluff the tree, it is well worth the effort. I’m over fuchsia and adore how many lights this tree has. It won’t ever be returned to you in the original packaging.

Purchase one of those tree bags, line the bottom of the bag with the cardboard box the tree was shipped in, zip it up, and store it till next season. With the purchase, I’m quite pleased.

Detail review

Purification test

Since this was my first fake Christmas tree, I conducted some research. I wanted something that was as close as I could get to the Fraser firs that we have always had. There are many lights, and the incandescent lights in various colors (there are no LED lights) bring back memories of my youth.

Sadly, one of the strands was broken, but fortunately it was at the bottom, and we turned the tree so that it was hidden. We are delighted with our purchase and remark on the tree’s fullness and brightness.

Why this Christmas Tree is best

You guys, OMG! What a great tree! It arrived in a few days, so I chose to take it out of the box today to check that the lights function. Everything was in working order, and it was gorgeous even without fluffing! I was once more filled with childlike zeal for Christmas. Perfectly tall and full, it is! It’s really heavy, but fortunately for me, my strong hubby will bring it inside.

It resembles the product image exactly, with the exception that it is a darker green, much like the other review images.

Like previous evaluations, it takes some time to fluff, but it’s quite simple and even a little entertaining. I was hesitant to order because of some of the negative reviews on this site, but I’m very pleased I did. The tree of my dreams is this one! It will be decorated soon, and I’m hoping it will last for many years.

This item doesn’t appeal to us.

Two of the light sections were destroyed. one in the middle and one at the base of the tree. It was very disappointing. You won’t find a nicer one for the money if you have the time to work with the manufacturer and exchange trees. If you need a tree today, you’ll pay more, but buy one from a local retailer.

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